How can I extract this SVG animation to use in webflow?

Hey there,

I’m looking to take the SVG animation from the heading section of this site and use it within my webflow site as it will be a part of my portfolio - I have next to no coding knowledge so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

It’s not only an SVG animation it’s a canvas based animation, made with gsap and DrawSVGPlugin. Without the source code will be pretty complex to copy it without js knowledge

I see - thank you for this. Is there a way I could maybe seperate that specific element so I can grab a screen recording to use instead?

Ideally would be great to have the SVGbut if it’s not as easy as grabbing lines of code etc… then this may be the next best thing.

With dev console you can do whatever you want, and also display only that. But you will destroy your performances adding a video instead of a js made interaction. Video weights a lot

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking - not ideal. I’ll try and come up with another work around, appreciate the help. Have a good one