How can I embed a video like this?


Please can someone tell me how I can embed a video like in the screenshot below.

Specifically the controls. I’ve just seen this type of video with these specific controls on many websites and I really like it.

Please help


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Hi @hoppinrock123 ,
this is just a html video. The controls are browser related. So your browser is responsible for creating the video controls. Because you are using safari, these should be the standard safari video controls.

On opera desktop/ windows it looks like this:

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Thank you very very much for replying!

So how can I achieve this?

Hi @hoppinrock123,
you just need to create a video element in webflow. I don’t think it is possible to recreate these controls for desktop. But you can hide the controls and create controls in your own style.


Sorry one last thing.

How are these custom controls achieved like in the photo below.

Sorry I’m just new to the whole coding world. :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh. I feel so dumb.

How do I do this ? :man_facepalming:

Hi @hoppinrock123,
these are actually custom controls. ´

This is a tutorial how to built custom controls:

A example codepen:

As a starter i would search on youtube for an tutorial.


Okay, thank you very very much!

Really appreciate it!