How can I edit image attribute like round corner, size, border color in rich text block?

Hello community of builders,

I’m working on this rich text block for this articles and seems like there’s one small grey border on all images: Improving Productivity for Remote and Hybrid Teams - FlexOS

I have trouble in finding where to remove that gray border and edit the size of the image to (it’s full width in CMS but still so small).

Thanks a lot.

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Welcome @Quang_Nguyen :wave:

If I’m understanding your problem correctly, the way I solve this is to create a non-CMS Rich Text Block. Usually on a separate page. Add a class name to it.

Then drop in any random image and style it how you like.

Once done, apply that class name to your CMS RTB. Whatever styling you apply to the non-CMS RTB will be applied to your CMS RTB.