How can I do these 2 features in Webflow?

HI i would like to obtain these 2 features in webflow. Do you think it is possible ?

1st feature ref : Contact - V Management

I would like to add these three option buttons in my contact form and style them in the same way. I am refering to the the Paris, London, Worldwide option. how can attein this in webflow ? I have tried styling the radio buttons but I did not manage to change its appereance into a selection button.

2nd feature ref. : Talents - V Management

Here, as you click on paris, london or worldwide the collection category changes instantly by staying on the same page.
How can we attein this in wwebflow ?

Thank you for your help !!!

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hi @Stefano_Fresch

  1. there is many ways how to achieve this approach and is only up to you what way you will chose. I have done simple example how it can be done.

  1. when you look into their DOM you will see that it is done very simple way. These galleries are all loaded in DOM and are revealed on click while others are hidden. It use simple JS that toggle classes. But again there are other ways how to
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thank you for your help