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How can I display images dynamically using URL parameters?

Hello everyone,

Here’s my use case:
I’m advertising several lead forms that have hero images. Currently, I’m creating several unique pages that are identical to one another, other than the fact that the hero image is changing. For example…

Page 1 :
Page 2 :
Page 3 :

I have over 10 images that need to change on a monthly basis. This means I’m creating pages over and over again, and it’s not an efficient process at all.

I’m advertising with Facebook Ads, which allows you to set custom URL parameters. Adopting the use of URL parameters would simplify my workflow by 10x. I want to be able to do the following

Page 1 :

This would allow me to only create a single page, and simply change the ‘hero’ attribute within Facebook ads.

I have a bit of JS knowledge but I’m definitely not an expert. Thanks in advance for any help!