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How can i disconnect the links on my homepage from CMS

My website is

I am having some issues currently. I have used a template from webflow and my home page shows different projects and I have linked my first project to a static page that I have created. However, all the rest of the projects are also linking to the same static page as my first project. I want to be able to link different static page from the different projects on the home page.

I want to link static pages and not use the CMS to build out the pages because the static pages allow me to personalize my page much more. I am using this template only for the homepage scroll.

I was told that I need to “disconnect from CMS” but that is very confusing for me and I am unsure how. I have tried to dabble for a while now but with no luck. I do not want to lose the scroll effect of the homepage that came with the template so please help me wiith this. I have an interview coming up and really need this to work!



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Paloma,

This is usually a pretty fast thing to accomplish. Just to be sure that you’re given the right advice, can you share the read only version link of your website?

The post on how to do this can be found here: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Best of luck!

Thank you for such a swift reply, Jeff! Here is the link you asked for, I really hope it is possible to have seperate links for each project. I was just told it might not be :confused:

Okay, I’ll admit, this wasn’t as straightforward as I originally thought.

My solution is a bit of a workaround but essentially it wouldn’t be doing anything different from linking in the page.

So - I’d make a new “link” field in your collection called something like “static page link” and link that field to the link on the page.

Now if you open the tab that shows all the page names and hover over them, you’ll see a little cogwheel on the right - click on that on the static page you want to link to.

You’ll see a field that says “slug” and below you’ll see a little link icon and “

This is basically a direct link to the page, just like going to a website url.

However, once you publish your website, the start that says “” will update to reflect the new domain name you publish on. So if for example, your domain name was going to be “”, it would update when published to be “

  • The downside is, you wouldn’t be able to see if the link works until you’ve published the website and if you ever change the domain name you’d have to manually update each link.

But this should work - also hopefully if anyone else is aware of any other ways, they can let you know.

Hope this helps!

I have tried to understand fully your instructions but I am very poor at understanding the technical stuff I’m sorry. Here is a screenshot of what I have done so far, which is only to create a new field called “static page link”. I kind of wasn’t sure what to do next and did not want to dabble much and mess anything up :no_mouth:

Sorry, I guess since I’m new on the forum I’m limited on the number of posts I can do per day so I had to wait a little while to reply.

So now you’ll need to connect that to the link block on the home page.

Go to your home page and go to where the link is - I just tried doing this myself but for some reason, the block that the link is in seems to be preventing it from connecting to the URL, if you make another link, just below the box called “project-description” it will ask you if you want to get the URL from the project, where you’d select the new field you just made
(static page link). - You’ll then want to alter this new link to look like the old one and delete the old one.

From here, you’ll need to get the URL or web address for the static page you want to link to. To get this, go to where it shows the name of the page you are on, at the top left, beside the W. When you click where it says the page name, a tab opens with the page names and when you hover over each one, a cog appears to the right.

Click on the cog for the page you want to link to and a panel with open with a number of fields. A few fields down is one called “slug” - This is the web address for that specific page which you can use to link to it, just like if you were linking to an external web page. Copy that link and paste it in the project you want to link each page too.

But remember, when you publish the page, the first part of the link will change to the new domain name.

So, for example, if you were connecting to the “nimbus” static page
The slug or web address for the nimbus page is currently “
Once you publish the page the first part ( will update to your new website name.
This means if your actual website when published will be “” the link to the page will change from “” to “” and you would need to update this change in the link in each collection item so that the link goes to the new address for the page.

  • I know it seems like a lot but just take it one step at a time and remember that you can always undo if you make a mistake.

-Also, someone else might still be able to make another suggestion.

Best of luck!