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How can i create color button variants for webflow e-commerce

Hi guys,

i’m creating a webflow e-commerce website with clothes and every piece has different colors and I would like to create color variants with actual background color. How could I achieve that? I’ll attach a photo as well.

Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 08.24.33

Hi Gabriel!

Just wondering if you managed to figure this out? I’m trying to achieve the same…

Hi @angeliquejanssen, unfortunately i have not… there is no native way of doing this at the moment. It might be possible with jquerry but I don’t have the skill to pull this off and be scalable at the same time without a lot of manual work. Hopefully there will be a native way of doing this because it is very important for a lot of e-commerce use cases.

Same problem here :frowning: Hope there will be an easier solution for this soon. Thanks for your quick reply!