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How can I create a dynamic table for a Podcast?


I’ve been trying to see if I could automate this following page that I designed. I’m creating a website for a podcast here in my Home town and they recently asked for a request that is beyond my capabilities. It’s not a priority because if I can’t do it I will give Zapier a try. However, I was wondering how I could create this following table to be dynamic and pull data, images and links. So every time they upload to soundcloud it updates on the table to their page. Please take a look here:

Scroll down until you see the flex box table. The idea would be to have the far left image placeholders be small Soundcloud thumbnails of the podcast, followed by the date to the right, Title with description, some social media links, and then lastly the listen now button. Please if you have any recommendations on how I could achieve this I’d love to know!

Matthew Oliver

Your request is quite broad, and may not be easily answerable/solvable via the forums. Would you like to move your post to the Freelance category instead?

Alternatively, you can also contact specialists in our Experts directory to custom code a solution for you.