How can I check that all my text is reflowing properly on zoom?


I understand that to be ADA compliant, all text on websites should reflow without requiring horizontal scrolling. (That’s according to this page of the Webflow Accessibility Checklist). I THINK I’ve set up everything properly—percentage based widths, etc.

But how can I actually test it? When I zoom in with my mac, (or on my phone) it just zooms in whatever is in the browser.

Here’s a short video showing what I mean if that doesn’t make sense.

Specifically, I’m wondering… is it ok that I use REM units for max widths for my text containers?

I do not know what shortcut you are using but zooming content up on mac for any browser is done with command and + or - down or command and 0 to original size. On mobile devices it is done by the identical principe via increase fonts. So used units aren’t mandatory aspect once your word wrap is set.

Hope that will clarify your question.

Awesome, thanks so much Stan!

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