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How can I alternate dynamic grid elements?

Hi everyone,

I hope it is the right part of the forum to post, if not tell me maybe I can move the post :slight_smile:

I am using webflow for some time now but I still have troubles with elements positionning.

I would like to make a grid with elements positionning as in this photo, alternating, one left, one right, and so on. I can’t find how to do it, anyone would have a solution please ?
I would like to keep the grid part as it is a dynamic collection and so I can easily add new work or edit anything.

Thank you !

You didn’t attach the photo so I haven’t seen an example but I can guess what you’re going for. You can achieve this using Even/Odd item styling if you’re using a Collection List. The article I linked explains how to achieve this.

Oh wow you’re good, that was exactly what I was looking for !
Not easy to find what to look for when you don’t even know this functionality exists ahah
Thanks a lot !

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