How can I add this code to my site?

Hi! I want to put this on top of my front page (instead of this )

and also I’m wondering how to fix this issue: this loads before this

Here is my site

Thanks in advance!

fix issue : Defer images: you need to defer your poster image, and also defer the video.

The html

The javascript

For most pages you can simply put the script right before the end body tag in your html. As far as the images go you want to copy the code above (labeled “the html”) and replace “your-image-here” with your actual image path.

This does involve editing the code in your page. On most hosting you can access edit from cpanel > file manager. Not sure where you are hosting and if you can access/edit your html and javascript.

oops code didn’t paste. And on second thought put “your video here” and skip a poster image (?not sure?data src=“your video” but in order for it to work it ma be that [i] would need to be replaced in the script with what video is in js ) Hopefully someone who knows javascript better than I will see this and then we will both know how to do this for video.

html =
<img src= "data:image/png;based64, R01GOD1hAQABAAD/AcwAAAAAAQABAAACADs=” data-src=“your-image-here”>
javascript = (you can inline this in the html )

Is there a limit on words here? or won’t the forum accept code.
The last comment had the Javascript written in. I will try again.