How can I add marks at the corners of a block

I’m currently building my business’s site and in order to match the graphic system I’ve built, I need to add marks at the corners of some blocks. The attached image is an example of what this should look like—the marks in question are the ones around the “client name” and “project description” sections. What’s the best way to go about implementing this?

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Hi, Billy! Welcome to the forum.

I can tell you how I would probably do this, which is to set the main container’s positioning to relative, and then use absolute positioning to fit a tiny Div in each corner with the appropriate borders. Whipped up a quick example for you here.

There are several other ways to go about this using custom code that you can check out here.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply Chris. The link to the example you made gives me a 404, but I’ll play around with that idea and see where I can get.

Oop, sorry about that! I’ve updated my original post with a new link!

Thanks, I’ve got it working on my site perfectly!