How can I add counting number on T.Ricks' using cookies tutorial and printing screen with icon?

Hi guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m now struggling a lot of time and I wasn’t able to find any solution for that. So, I’m asking here to find someone to help me.

First of all, I apologize for not being able to share my project, because it’s a real project for one of our clients. So, I hope you can understand my situation and question with the attached tutorial below which I’m using. :wink:

I build currently a website with a favorite list using cookies, so that doesn’t need to be registered or logged in to use that list. For that, I found a T.Ricks tutorial from Timothy. So far I was able to carry out that tutorial. But, I need an additional feature from that.

I need an indicator, which has a number how many tutorials I put into the list. As you can see on the T.Ricks live site, there is navigation with TEMPLATES, TUTORIALS, and FAVORITES. When you go to TUTORIALS and click the ribbon icon, that tutorial is added to the FAVORITES. But, there is no counting number in this tutorial, how many tutorials are on my favorite list. I want to add it just next to FAVORITES as NUMBER.

This tutorial has custom codes that are written by jQuery, I think. Unfortunately, I have no idea about this language. Could someone help me out to implement that counting number in it?

And I have one more thing. I want to have a screen print feature with an icon. I know, we can easily print out a screen just with a basic browser feature nowadays. But, the client wants to have it extra on the website. For that, I’ve already looked for and found some solutions. This is a solution that I implemented for the website because I believe, it’s the easiest and most simple way to have it. But it doesn’t work somehow. As another solution, I found a Printfreindly, but it isn’t fit for me and my client. Is there any way to have a printing screen feature with an icon? It would be great for me if it’s the most simple and easiest way like that post from Webflow forum.