How can I add "content blocks" or rather "ad sections" to CMS pages?

I’m trying to add “sections” to my CMS pages that include ads. I’d love to emulate the style on Failory’s site (which also uses Webflow). Here’s an example: Growing a SaaS-Related Paid Newsletter to $8k/mo in 4 Months

How can I break up my interviews to include an ad callout between questions? Do I have to use the HTML embed feature and add it through code? Or is there an easier way?

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Instead of having one rich text block you could have for example 3 or 4 rich text blocks with an advertisement in-between each one. Then when writing your story split the story into 3 or 4 parts in the CMS. Have a field for story part 1, story part 2, story part 3, story part 4 etc. You could set each rich text block to conditionally display only if there was content inside it so if you only entered part 1 and part 2 in the CMS then part 3 and part 4 would automatically be hidden.

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@britishchap’s method is a great option and this is how it’s achieved in the Failory example—which you can see in the screenshot below:

As an alternative, you can also use HTML Embed elements within Rich Text fields to inject the ad code wherever you’d like within the article content:

Hopefully that helps :+1:


That makes sense. I appreciate the recommendation.

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