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How can I access CSV files in assets via D3?

Hi Internet!

I want to host some data visualization work on my webflow and am struggling to connect with CSVs I uploaded as assets. I get this error: webflow

I would prefer to use CSVs as my working code is already set up to parse and csv format. If working with CMS is the only option for this, I’d love to know that though.

Here is my Read-Only link: Webflow - zaddiacScraping


Update: I just realized the site runs fine on Internet Explorer but fails to load these assets on Chrome and Safari.

Is a insecure browser. You will need to host the CSV files where you can control the header served.

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@webdev Thank you for your response. I currently have the CSVs loaded as a webflow asset and am trying to use them in my custom code that way.

The error message explains the problem.

I’m confused though, as I am able to load .txt files from my Webflow assets as JS packages. Is there any reason I can’t load .CSVs, in particular, from my webflow assets? @webdev