How can I A/b test CMS templates?

If I have a CMS,

and I want to test that against a new design of this collection, how do I do that?

Do I duplicate the collection, and then edit the design of the duplicate? If so, how do I get Google Optimize to split traffic between and


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Create two urls (easier to create two cms items. Post-1 and post-1-v2 - and maybe use if to change content). Than by google optimize create split test:

A redirect test, (a.k.a. split URL test) , is a type of A/B test that allows you to test separate web pages against each other

yeah that only lets me test 1 page against another though. not one entire template against another

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Is there any solution? I have the same issue — to test two versions of the collection page

What you can do is create two sections on the CMS Template and then hide one or the other with Google Optimize.

So, the original page will have Layout A and B. Then on the test you’ll show:

  • Version 1: Layout A
  • Version 2: Layout B