How can create animated text on top of a slideshow?

Hi Guys. I used a template to create this website and now want to build it myself using webflow. I am having trouble to create the header section with the animated text on top of the slideshow. Whenever i add the text to the slideshow it will push down the slideshow or the text slips behind the slideshow. I am sure there is an easy way and i just cannot find it. It would be happy if you can help me out.


Here is a link to the template i want to recreate.

If I remember correctly the video tutorial about sliders covers this.

Hey. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately this tutorial does not cover this.

I just watched the one about adding a slider/carousel and it covers what you are asking for I think. If you provide the share link to the site I’ll take a look.

Hi @George_Konig,
Here is one of the ways how to recreate effect that you want (2 videos)



Hi @sabanna, this really helped me out.
Thank you so much for your detailed video instructions!

Have a great day.
Best, George

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Thanks and you are welcome :blush:

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