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How can 3rd party iFrame content be searchable using the on-site search bar?

Hey all,

We used Webflow to build a website for a jewelry store. A famous watch brand requires us to use their iFrame on our client’s website. Everything with the iFrame is functioning properly, but they noticed that their iFrame content wasn’t showing up on our internal search results page when they searched for themselves using the on-site search bar. How can we get their externally hosted iFrame content to be searchable (and appear in the internal search results pages) using our on-site search bar?

Thanks for the help!

You can’t. The Webflow search can only index content that is on page and not framed.

Hmmmm…okay. Is that just a “Webflow thing,” or is that common across all native site search functionalities?

Like, for instance, could we remove the native Webflow search and try to install some sort of custom search bar, as a workaround? Or is searching iFrame content something that simply can’t be done no matter what search bar you’re using?

Thank you for the reply! I appreciate it!

The easiest way to understand this is to realize that the client browser loads the framed content, not the web server.

Okay, thank you! That does make sense.

Turns out I misunderstood what the iFrame provider was asking for anyway…they don’t want their iFrame content to be searchable. They want something else…which I still don’t know how to create, but I’ll make a new topic for it.

Thanks again!