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How align text (e.g. heading) on the top?


I am trying to have the logo and the text elements align on the same level and stay aligned through all screen sizes. How do I do that?

Picture for reference (footer):

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Your logo image contains social media icons that can’t be clicked. That’s not a good user experience.
Without the icons use a grid and place all the headers and the image in 1 row.
That will make it a lot easier to style.

Hey Hans,
Thanks for your reply. I’ll change the logo as well.
I’ve also tried to align the footer with a grid. However, for some reason I can’t seem to get the tablet version right. The tablet version seems to depend on the mobile horizontal version and I can’t make any changes in the tablet version’s grid directly. Do you know what causes this?

The image that contains the logo has a size of its own.

Cool! Thank you! Got it aligned now, thank you! How do I change the grid for the tablet screen resolution though as I can’t move the items in the grid around?

You can add or remove grid rows and columns on the different breakpoints.
And set the grid field position to manual. Then you can place it everywhere in the grid you want. Even on different breakpoints,

That’s what I tried, for some reason it doesn’t work for tablet though. Any idea why?