How Activate a link in the main buttom of the Dropdown Menu

Hello I need help, please to create or add a link in the main buttom of my dropdown menu.


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Hi @ososa :smile:

Great question. At this time, the main link for a dropdown menu already has a link and it is used to open and close the dropdown menu.

I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but if anyone else in the community knows a workaround, please post it. I’m interested as well.

It’s not perfect but here you go…dropdown test.


Excellent Aksaunders!
Work perfect. Thanks so much!

Best Regards

whoa TIL (today i learned.)

THANKS! :smiley:

I learn everyday. I read the show and tell posts probably an hour a day. Glad I could help.


Would you mind putting your solution up again? I am interested too … :smile:

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I will have to recreate it. It will be this evening after work but it shouldn’t take long.

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