Hoverstate doesnt work

Hi Webflow,

I have build an interactive menu. Two things are wrong:

The buttons don’t go to the page section, even though I set them up properly.

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The hover trips, even though I checked everything interactionwise, what am I doing wrong?

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Does anybody know how to fix it?

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Aiman's new website)
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Hi @Aimanisms,

interestingly I can’t reproduce either error on Windows, with either Firefox or Chrome.
Try disabling plugins and clearing your browser cache, this might help.

Also, I suggest testing other devices and browsers, if you can reproduce this error please let us know!


Hi @LeWolf,

Thanks, I don’t see this issue on other browser myself! I will include this from now on when testing things.

I am still curious if you understand how to solve the button problem that I mentioned in my first question.

And I also see that the interaction creates extra space. How would u deal with that?

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It’s about this element.

Hi @Aimanisms,

this sounds a lot like a caching problem or a bug, I recommend clearing caches and maybe reinstalling the browser.

The second issue might be resolved by setting a custom div value in your target paragraphs.
Try giving the section you’re scrolling to an attribute of “data-scroll” and set it either to “start” or “mid” according to your preference.

You can find the custom div attributes in the settings panel of your element. It looks like this:

However, this still seems to be a browser issue, not with webflow, therefore this might not help if that’s the case.


Hi @LeWolf,

I tried your solution but it doesn’t work. And it’s not cache problem. And also has nothing to do with a browser. I wouldn’t even call it an issue.

But it’s definately something within webflow.

As you can see the, screen is black, before you hover, when you hover a picture comes in, which moves the text away. So my question is, what am I missing here, I checked all the settings myself.

Could you let me know?

Hi @Aimanisms,

I was able to reproduce your issue now, it seems like the two interaction classes you created are clashing with each other:


Deleting the second one resolved the hover issue for me. You might want to create one interaction per element to trigger on hover, therefore not blocking each other.

However, the page section buttons still work as intended for me, so I can’t help with those.