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Hovering on other element collapses open menu

Hi everybody. Got an interesting bug on a page we built over at:

We’ve built our FAQ accordions using the menu module, however when you open one of the FAQ’s (leave it open) and hover over the main menu drop downs, it collapses the FAQ that you just opened.

Anyone got any tips on how to prevent this?


Hi @nicksoper, thanks for the report on the behavior with the drop downs. Is it possible for you to share the site read-only link?

If you would prefer to share this in private, feel free to contact Webflow support from the contact page.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @nicksoper

I’ve noticed you’re using Dropdown node for Accordion Menu. You can’t have two separate dropdowns opened at the same time. What I would suggest here, is to rebuild the accordion menu using regular <div> and Interactions. You could also try to do that with some custom code - I know from experience it’s a matter of few lines of jQuery code.


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