Hover state is activated by default on pageload

Hi there!

I’m facing two issues:

  1. The hover state is activated by default on an element (#card-with-text) appearing after the “our brand” section on the page. I verified the hover-in and hover-out states and they both have the exact same start and end settings (I read this might be an issue, so just letting you know I already checked this one).

  2. One parameter of the hover state applies to all the symbols (even tho we fire “Selected Element” and not “class” in the interaction parameters) – it’s the #card-brand that scales to 1.03 on hover and comes back to 1.00 on hover out. I’m trying to understand why this is the only element of the interaction that fires on all cards, and how to activate it only on hover of the actual card that is hovered, not all cards as it’s the case now.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Published site: melriver-site.webflow.io