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Hover state glitch

Hi, I’m trying to do a hover state on the landing page that when hovering on the logo a short description shows about the company. Currently when the cursor stays on the trigger it starts flickering and I can’t seem to understand what’s happening?

I’m still pretty new to this and there’s quite a lot of cleaning up to do in the structure but would appreciate any help figuring out this glitch!

Thank you.

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@jr0 - can you point out which page you are trying to create this interaction? A published site link may also be useful for troubleshooting.

This is happening because you have the interaction applied to Div Block 31 which, when on hover in, is displaying the Home Hover State div. The Home Hover State div has a z-index of 10 applied. So essentially at that point you are effectively hovering out of Div Block 31 triggering the hover out interaction and then immediately re-triggering the hover in interaction.

Basically you need to re-think the triggers.