Hover Reveal Interaction

I’m trying to create a hover reveal interaction (Example 5) as described on the Webflow interactions page (http://interactions.webflow.com/). All I’m finding is the style panel image, but that’s not helping me.

I’ve done my best and thought what I’ve put together would work, but it doesn’t; nothing happens when I hover over the box (under the heading “BOK Financial … By the Numbers”). It should reveal a red box with text in it (portfolio overlay).

Would someone mind looking at it and let me know what step I may have missed to make this work properly?


Hi @chrisgreer33, Can you update your post with:
(1) Image of what you want the design to look like “before” hovering
(2) Image of what you want the design to look like “after” hovering

Also, this demokit may be helpfule: https://webflow.com/website/Demo-Kit

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

This is how it should look before the interaction:

After the interaction:

The demokit helped. But how do I access the overlay text to edit it? In your example, how do I get to the text on the purple screen https://webflow.com/website/Demo-Kit ?

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