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Hover removes Corner Raidus

Hi, I have a Div block with corner radius and Overflow attribute. Within this Div there is an image

When you hover over the Div block, I set the interactions that way that image scales up a bit, while the Div remains of the same size. this creates a sort of parallax scale effect.

Once you hover over the Div, and the image scales up, it loses its corner radius, and the Div gets square corners.

Do you know how I could fix it?

Thank you

Hey @meetingingorkipark!

Thanks for reaching out with your issue here!

The corner-radius is disappearing because of the image scaling on hover.
When the image scales, it gets bigger therefore the corners go “out of the frame” of the div block.

To fix this, remove the corner-radius from the image itself, and, instead, set it on the Column Image Wrapper. (Here’s a LOOM VIDEO showing you this solution)

Hope that helps!

Oh, that’s great! Thank you.

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