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Hover overlay visible after pressing back

I have a bunch of CMS items (Images in a link-block), with an interaction hover effect that shows the title as a text-block on hover. When clicking the link-block you are taken to the CMS-item page with a larger version of that image and some more information - So far, so good.

The problem occurs when you press back in your browser or use the back link-button I created, the hover effect (image title/text-block) is still visible when you come back to the images-page until you hover over the element again and hover out (thus triggering the hover-out interaction). I can see the logic in this, since you actually never “un-hovered” the element when you click it, but it causes a user experience problem since when you come back you expect it to not be in a hover-state and I’m wondering if there is some easy way to solve this?