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Hover over nav dropdown

Hello @vincent @cyberdave

I followed vincents instructions for a super dropdown on hover but it it doesnt dissappear when the mouse moves away from the dropdown header, only the sub menu.

drop down site here

Any advice would be great

If what’s make the dropdown list to hide is a hoverOut on that same list, it will not hide when you haven’t hoverIn it before. So if I click on the menu item, see the list, and move my cursor away without hovering the list in and out, it will not hide.

The trick shown in my example is you have to artificially expand the list to go under the menu item. I don’t remember what I did but it’s something like giving a top negative margin to the list, and adding a top padding of the same value. that way, the hoverOut will register in any case.

Makes sense? Analyse my sructure to see what I did.

It works having to fake hove over hot spot area.

Thanks vince

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Please can you repost your question but in the forum? I’ll then answer the same thing and then it’s in the database… (: if you can I’ll appreciate (:

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