Hover over background image to change

Hi there,

I have an issue where I am unable to change a specific background image element on hover. At the end of each Heading is a specific arrow which rotates, and as the rest of the font I would like to change it to white.

How could you solve this issue. Thanks for any help in advance.

Screenshot 2023-04-04 114352



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You need either

use SVG with current color : so you chnage the font color and the svg color change ( but you have to put the svg in emebed not an image)

use Png and use invert filter on the element.

here is an example of svg withe current color set in the svg Have a look at this titorial : How To Change SVG Icon Colour In Webflow - YouTube

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Hi Romuald,

thanks very much for your help. It worked like a breeze. :slight_smile:

Nice you can set previous post as solution… have fun