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Hover or interactions for individual elements

Hello, I’ve being using webflow since years now. Something I never could figure out since the first CMS is how to put interactions for individual elements.

Lets say I have an ecommerce with differents products. I would like a description (or a div) appearing above each unique product when I hover other an image. When I do it all the descriptions appear at the same time when I’m hovering over any of the product pictures.

This would really define If I could use webflow for this or not.

Thank you very much!

I see that you already solved your issue. But I don’t advise using old interactions anyway.

I did yes!

why you dont recommend old interactions?
how can I do that with new interactions?

You may want to learn about new interactions here. They are generally more powerful. Also no telling when Webflow may end old ix support - they are not exactly future-proof at this point.

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