Hover On & Tap Interactions On Same Div Block

Hello All,

I have created a hero intro and am having trouble with the hover and tap interactions I assigned to a div block with a fixed position and the highest z index on the page. This block is specifically used for the interactions but for some reason doesn’t have a clean interaction and is interrupted while hovering and also doesn’t allow for the tap while hovering. Is this because I can’t assign both interactions to one div?


Hi @Nick_Demore ,

No problem with assigning a hover and tap on the same div.
Problems will occur when animations affect the same objects
with conflicting commands. The solution in this cases is to think of creative ways to accomplish your goal outcome. it could involve using tap trigger div as a parent and hover div as a child or vice versa. or adding wrapper div to animated text objects, animating those objects in one type of trigger and animating their parents (wrappers) in the 2nd type of trigger.

For some reason that still isn’t working. The two divs are canceling each other out.

I can’t initiate the tap interaction.