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Hover on Navlink after creating Combo Class

Hi There,

I had set my Navlink to change colour on Hover, but wanted a different colour in their normal state on different pages. So I followed one of the tutorial and created a Combo Class which resolved my first problem, but now it created an another problem has in my homepage hover on Navlink doesn’t work anymore.

Anyone with a fix/tip please ?

Thank you


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That is driving me crazy. That must be super simple to work it out but I am really stuck with that one.

I can’t find something specific in the forum.


Hey Matt,

A fellow Kiwi here :sunglasses:

Are you trying to create a different Nav Link Font colour for the different Breakpoints? (Tablet/Mobile etc)

If you are, just select a different font colour for the Nav Link in each view by editing the property within the designer for that view. No need to create a combo class to apply the styling, as the styling changes are applied for each viewport and then cascade down to the other breakpoint views below.

The reason that your hover colour change is no longer happening is because the Hover state was applied to the NavLink1 class. When you added the ‘Combo Class’ class to the Navlink1 class, the hover state is not applied.

Hope that makes sense.

Happy to elaborate further if not.


G’day Keiran,

Thanks a lot for the help.

I wonder how many Kiwis are there on Webflow?

No, what I am trying to achieve is the Navlink in the Homepage to be white and then the About and Contact page with the Navlink in Black.
Because Navigation was locked into a “Symbol” with the template each time I was changing the colour in the homepage it would change in the other pages. So I followed one of the tutorials and created a ‘Combo Class’ for the Navlink to remove the ‘Symbol’.

I think I got it the wrong way around now and I am not sure how to proceed. I might have to go back to one of the Backups



Hey Matt,

I think there are a few Kiwis in the Webflow community. I’ve seen a few comments in the forums from time to time.

Anyway, thanks for explaining what it is you want to achieve.

If you use a ‘Symbol’ any changes you make to the styling will be reflected across the ALL instances of that Symbol, so using a single navigation Symbol on each page for your Navigation won’t achieve what you want.

There are two ways to approach.

  1. Create a Combo Class to style the Nav Links on the specific pages that you want to be different and apply those styles (Class) to each separate instance that you use that Navigation. This wouldn’t be a very efficient workflow, especially if the site was to become larger with many pages.

  2. Create two separate Navigation Symbols for each styling that you require and insert the specific Symbol to the specific pages for the styling you want. At least this way any changes you make in future to the styling of those Navbars will change across all instances of that Symbol.

Hope that makes sense for you and I haven’t gone too far on a tangent :cold_sweat:

Sorry am lost now.

Do you have a link to a tutorial video that would explain that.

If not it’s ok I 'll have it all in black.

It’s just the navlink on the homepage is too dark with my background photo.

Thanks again


I think I worked it out Keiran,

Probably not a pretty way but an ok fix for now.

Thanks again

Have a good weekend

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Hey Matt,

Looks like you got it sorted.

The approach you used was what I was trying to explain in option 1. (In a very convoluted way!!)

Well done.

Enjoy the weekend.

Thanks again Keiran

Same to you