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Hover not working

Can you help me out? Hover does not work no matter what I try … and yes I clicked on the hover radio button but it keeps getting unselected? please take a look. This is happening on all my child pages in the NavBar.

Hi @bruceo

Try going to the hover state, then open the color palette, then click on your saved red color swatch. This will force a color change.

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.

Thank you for the suggestion but no way … I have done this about 25 times and that does not lock it in. Assuming I will need to do the same thing for EACH Nav Button in Nav Bar… what is going on here ? can you look around and see what is not being clicked ??? bruceo

Hi @bruceo

If you do this to one of your nav links, since all other nav links are sharing the same class name, it’ll apply the style to all of them

hope this helps :smile:

I understand that to be true but nothing seems to be working on my end… any other ideas why?.. thank you

  1. You have to make font color black for the link

  2. Go to hover state and change it to red.

Then it will work.

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YES YES YES YES YES… You are AWESOME Sabanna !!! It appears that the Hover only works when the original link is black… I am new here and this was very very frustrating for me… You have SAVED the DAY! After about 30 attempts in 4 days it is GREAT to have it working… T H A N K Y O U .


It really works with different colors :wink: you just have to be more careful with generic classes. When you are changing generic (default) styles it can effect next steps. Especially often it happen with links styling.

Glad to help and good luck!

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