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Hover not working on only one page. Sharelink included

The rollover links works on most pages like this>
The hover works all over the live site like these do on the square project images below the main image.

  1. just square image with no name
  2. On rollover/hover the project name and location show up with transparency.

The broken rollover/hover is here>

  1. square image with transparency and name is on
  2. On rollover/hover the project name and location stays while transparency goes away.

I am sure I have the wrong order but I can’t figure it out.


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

If I understood well you are having a problem with the opacity of the block, then maybe you should wrap it with a div block and make the interaction to that wrapper so all the children are affected

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Hi @Moataz THANK YOU for the suggestion. Appreciate it.

The problem is the order of what is happening.

On the working version > 1. just square image with no name is at start / when rollover/hover get transparency and name

On the not working correctly version 2. On rollover/hover the project name and location show up with transparency / when rollover/hover transparency goes off and name stays there

I have looked at it and it all looks the same t me - I cant see what I am missing/not seeing?
Any support appreciated. M


Quick tip: Stop using legacy animations haha

Here’s how I did it. Pause the video and try to understand what I’ve done. If you still has some doubts, let me know.

I’ll upload a video Right Now.

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@Jeandcc - THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO - Now i shall attempt to replicate your work. M

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You’re welcome! Let me know how it goes.

@Jeandcc I can’t get it to work. I am not a webflow designer - took over this site from someone and it’s not clear to me how to do this and I can’t seem to follow your video. Possible to hire you to help me fix this and another small icon issue I can’t figure out why it is behaving as it is. THANK YOU

We can definitely work something out. Can you send me a private message with a bit more details?!

I’ll be happy to work with you :slight_smile: