Hover issue with breakpoints

Hello everyone !

I’m kinda new to Webflow and struggling on a very strange issue.
I’d like to have a hover effect on “Nos expertises” section.
I want the images have an overlay that fade on hover. First of all it works but only when you have it hovered once. Secondly and thats where I have no clues it doesn’t show the images on 1440px + screens.

Here is the read-only link : Webflow - Tiphys Capital

Thanks a lot !

Problem = card image index -1
Change it to 0
Add a absolute layer absolute with the rgba(14, 35, 57, 0.4) over the image, index 1
Put all in the card image mask
use on interaction for all, it’s cleaner btw

Thanks a lot ! Any idea on how to make the overlay visible at first and not after hovering in and out the card ?

What did you mean by Interaction for all ?