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Hover is different as click on Dropdown Menu! Can enyone help me?

It is typicly a friday! I can’t find out how to make my menu correct.
The hover is different as when i click on it. Any one know what this is?

Link to the builder!

Found out, that it is something with “active” or not… and somehowe i always like to have problems when things like this are in a “Object”

And also the hover area is strange…

Hi @Koen, thanks for the post. I can see different styles for the “Open” state of the menu:

Can you clarify the hover area issue?


Hi Dave, thanks for the help, i really have to think about the working of the classes. but that is a new learnign curve! :wink:
. i found the problem of the hover… the navbar was linking to the same interaction. Here a sample, but problem solved!!!

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