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Hover Interaction Query on Tablets

Hi Team

I have set a drop down interaction to appear on main navigation (hover) set for desktop only.

However, my query is, on devices such as Ipad Pro 12.9 Inch, it still recognises it as a desktop view.

Consequently when you click the link it drops down beautifully however there is no way to remove the dropdown as there is no ‘however off’. Ideally it would be nice to click this again and it would retract.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Please see my shared Link:

Image below:

Thank you again for your advice.

Hi @Saff,

I know that more breakpoints are coming very soon to Webflow’s interface. Until then the best solution I can think of is manually adding the interactions and the media queries for breakpoints.

Hi There

Thank you for your response. Please can you elaborate little?

So, do you mean two different type of interactions on the same element? and also can you elaborate on the media query?

Thnaks you for your help.