Hover interaction for a custom nested collection

Hi community,

I’m developing this website for my friend’s studio, but I got stuck when trying to finish the last 2 pages (Home and Project individual page).

I’ve created 3 CMS collections: Projects, Categories, and Collaborators. I need to show each project’s Categories and which Collaborators participated.

Project pages
I’m not using the Project CMS template page because each project has a slightly different layout.

At the bottom of each project page, we have a section for the Related projects.
The problem is I need to show 2 nested collections (Categories & Collaborators) inside the Project parent collection. The Collaborators are hidden by a hover interaction, so I thought about creating a component so I don’t need to relink the interaction targets every time I use this section on a different project page. So, I can’t create a component using Webflow’s native nested collection.

I managed to nest the Collaborators using Finsweet Attributes, but the hover interaction is not 100% right. Collaborators appear instantly at the first hover and disappear as a group. Also, the background blur effect of the Collaborator badge isn’t working. I wish it worked like the Projects page interaction where I was able to use the native solution.

Here is the published link with Related projects section test I made
Here is the published link with Projects intended hover interaction

Home page
I believe the solution for the problem above will help me with the layout for the Home page. Here, I need to use a section with a few projects followed by a static paragraph, which is followed by another section with projects.

Any ideas of how I could fix it or even if there are other ways of accomplishing the same results?

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Tall,Piet Website)
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Hello! I think I have the same issue. I have a nested collection - a simple list of text items. The nested list items have on hover Webflow interactions on their class. The published page does not show the interactions. It definitely has something to do with the Finsweet solution, but I cannot figure out a workaround. I know that other finsweet solutions use a reload attribute to reload the animation, but this also doesn’t work for Finsweet’s nest solution.

Wondering if you were able to figure out any solution. Thanks!