Hover interaction causing text width to get stuck

Hi Webflow community! I have a hover interaction applied to the CTA cards at the bottom of the page. Essentially, in their inactive state they only show the card header, and then when hovered over, the cards expand in height to show all of the card content.

My issue is that the text within the cards gets stuck at whatever width the card is originally hovered over at. For example, if I hover at full screen width, move the mouse away, make my screen a bit narrower, and then hover again, the text within the card is still at the original width and is therefore not fully visible. The same happens if I first hover in a narrow screen, expand to full width, and hover again. The text appears stuck at the narrow width when I hover again. To be clear - this is all happening within the same desktop breakpoint.

Any help on this would be SO greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Apoth 3
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