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Hover effects questions

There is a hover effect on the image at the top of Lebron James. It works as I want but when you mouse off, then back on again the child animations no longer work. Any ideas why those animations only work on the first mouse over?

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The child interactions are not listed in the element panel.

The interaction is on the div “Block”. And the animation is called “Block Animate” Here is a screen grab.


I think you’re currently checking your animation “on hover”, make sure to return your elements to their initial state “on hover out”:


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Oh on the “on Hover Out”, the animation is not present. You need to add the - back to origin affects.

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Thats the fix. Thanks!

For others - To easily get the child elements back to their original position I just duplicated the original animation, deleted the “end” positions. Then pull the original element positions down in the element panel so they are no longer in the “set as initial state” state.

Awesome, glad to help! Holler whenever you need help :grin:

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A “reverse animation” checkbox would surely simplify the need to re-animate your elements into their original place on mouse-out.

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Hmm maybe?? From experience, hovers are waaaay better that click interactions for sure. But we don’t yet have the ‘active’ on hover in place yet. But really, there’s always gonna be a Catch-22 no matter how advanced the functionality :wink:

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