Hover effects across a grid

please go to the page lettuce.webflow.io/visualization. Below the navbar you will see a grid of divs. we are trying to represent what’s growing where on a farm - represented by icons. we need the ability to allow the user to hover over any cell of the grid and get the name of the plant and then when they click on it, get a full screen view of details. We want to build this in webflow and then deploy it against our DB that’s elsewhere.

i am having all sorts of problems. the divs i create for the hover content to show are all over the place. i have tried to use the same settings as Dave’s site here: http://example-lightbox-hover.webflow.io/ but its not working.

can you please help here!

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/lettuce?preview=47a572ddba5a19401e1f3d9e072a8b95

Hi @yogeshs101,

I have created another simple example, this time, a simple grid with a hover interaction on each block:

If you are trying to do something else with the hover effects grid, let me know! I hope this helps.

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