Hover Effect - How To?

How could I achieve a similar hover effect to the service divs on this page?

Particularly the revealing text and icon size transform all in one.


Hey @Webflame !

So this seems to be a default hidden text area (in the styling tools), that displays on hover.

As far as the resizing of the logo + movement, I’m thinking this could be done a couple of ways…

  1. The logo div has styling that keeps the logo in place, but merely transforms to a relative size based on the limitations of the “wrapper” div its in <---- This would be triggered by the hover/reveal of the text block/div.

  2. The logo div may have a hover effect that includes a transform to a set or relative size…

(Kinda feel like I’m just flappin’ my lips…)

We could probably do a screenshare or something, and fidget around until we got it right.

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