Hover effect affect other contents movement

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I put Hover effect on button on Hero section. But The effect seem jurky and affect other elements moved… weirdly… you can find the one from tablet breakpoint…

Could you guys please look through ?

Appreciate your help in advance!

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I see that you have a hover effect on “Button-4”. The other button uses this class plus a combo class with a different hover state and a border change. The border pixel that appears causes the other elements below to shift.

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Hi, Port_of_Folio!

Thank you for your quick and detailed reply :slight_smile:

Your message resolved what I have been struggling with and makes my day with good start!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Plus, I have got other issues…on other websites, if you have some times… can you do me a favour?

Glad that worked!

For other issues, you will need to start a new post specific to that topic. This is the forum rule.

Hey, Port_of_Folio!

I am crystal clear! I will :slight_smile:
and Thank you for your reply and your help !

Hope you have great day !