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Hover/Background Scale effect on Nav links

Hi, what’s the best way to apply a background scale effect when you hover on the nav links like this:


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Hi @dorcajada, those are just individual interactions with 0% to 100% slide out animation. Webflow can do this very well for “Mouse Tap (click)”. For hover, it’s not as easy to accomplish. Do it with a click trigger. They would all be individual divs with their own interaction.

The best way:

  1. Use On Selected Elements: Mouse Tap trigger
  2. Each Menu will have it’s own interaction
  3. The challenge is the div layer setup, that will actually takes some time but very doable

I have an example where you can see a Multi-Level Menu I was testing out. On my collection, it’s at the bottom of the page (2 Green Dropdown Menus)

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Thanks so much! Very helpful!

Your welcome, have fun!

Hi @dorcajada Is this what you are looking to do? I did this really quickly for you in Webflow: Here’s a link to the published site:

Here’s a link to the Webflow site:

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Awesome!!! Thank you!

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