House Sitting NZ

So I thought I would share this project:

This was the project that I probably learnt most about Webflow on. About two years ago I lived in a student flat in Wellington, New Zealand, and the flat was pretty cold and damp - as a lot of flats in NZ are.

A friend of mine had been house sitting (essentially babysitting someones house and pets), but was struggling to find house sits consistently because the house sitting company he was using would only hand out available house sits to “more experienced house sitters”.

I had just really started using Webflow, and I suggested that maybe we could set up our own “house sitting company” (by that I mean a landing page with some stock images of dogs and a form) and pick and choose the places that we want to live in.

And, it worked. We lived rent free for about 4 months, before we got over moving from house to house every month, but more and more people enquired about finding house sitters and becoming house sitters, so we decided to turn it into a marketplace.

Either way, I don’t want to bore people with the details of how it all started and tell you how it works:

I use Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, Mailchimp (and various tools like GTM etc.)

People can apply to become a house sitter by filling out a form. That form submission gets send to airtable where I need to manually approve it (moves into a new view). That triggers a creation of a CMS item in Webflow. It’s not perfect yet, because it doesn’t reference any collection items, but all the written stuff and photo works quite well.

Home owners can then contact house sitters by filling out (a poorly designed) form on each sitters profile. That automatically sends the sitter an email via gmail, that we set up through Zapier.

We just relaunched the thing so we only have four sitters, but theoretically we can do it in any city, because we have the cms all setup for that.


Great work, love how you’ve pulled this off without custom code!


This is awesome!

Very cool web app, connecting people to service providers. Creative usage of Zapier/Airtable/Mailchimp!!!

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