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Hotjar recordings broken?!

hey guys, suddenly my hotjar recordings are looking really broken. hotjar mentions following possible reasons:

"Why do the pages look broken/no CSS loading?

Hotjar servers need access to the assets on your site to generate Recordings successfully. When the CSS looks broken, this typically means our servers have difficulty fetching some of the CSS files from your server.

There are a number of things which could cause this. Here are the known reasons why sites may block Hotjar from accessing CSS:

  • Blocking access based on geolocation, or your site only allows certain IPs to access assets
  • Blocking based on domain/referrer
  • Blocking based on User-Agent
  • Blocking based on lack of cookie/sessionStorage

User-Agent, referrer, and IP blocking based issues can be addressed by:

BUT i really dont know how i can whitelist anything in webflow or if can do anything about it?!