Hostload exceeded

My GSC is showing hostload exceeded when i do a live test for all urls, even the ones already indexed. Is there a solution for this problem or it will go away on its own?

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Facing same issue and I’ve talked with my hosting and they said everything is ok from server side. Many people are facing this issue from different hosts so I think this issue is from google and they will fix itself.

I am pretty sure this just happens sometimes… Because Webflow uses a CDN, it could be that they have way fewer hosts available than they have sites… so when Webflow sites are getting a lot of traffic on a particular IP, bots are given less priority. I would just try again in a few hours and see if you still get the same error.

Live URL Inspections are also not meant to be used all the time, so if you are doing a dozen or so in rapid succession, Google may start limiting you (for a long time).

I have the same problem too. Could it be related to Google update?