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Hosting with Webflow + ISP = 2 Subscriptions for client?


I’m in the process of starting a project for a client, will require a CMS, so it’ll obviously be on the CMS site plan.

I know I could connect to their current custom domain via Webflow, but my question is would they be paying hosting twice, ie: Webflow + their Current ISP, or is there a way to reduce it just to Webflow?

Having to pay twice would unfortunately be a deal breaker for my client.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Craig_Wells,

You should be able to just pay for the custom domain, as you won’t need any hosting outside of Webflow. I am not sure where the domain is currently registered, but you should be able to downgrade that plan to just have the domain name registration.

If the current provider does not allow this, you can transfer your domain name to a party that can (for example GoDaddy).

Hope this helps

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Hi @flysquid (Sander)

That makes sense - thanks for taking the time out to clarify, appreciate it