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Hey Community,

I need urgent your help. I would like to put a page online for a customer on whose domain provider only one ipv4 and one ipv6 is allowed. Besides, I can not make a cname record entry, only for subdomain.

Is it enough, if I take only one ip and not both?

Greetings Maurice

I found this article in the forum and I used the same method, but in webflow the domain is not marked as connected, on the other hand the subdomain is connected.

The I can access the webpage perfectly with the exception when I type in it won´t work.

Can anybody please help?

Transferring a domain from a registrar to another is free. You’re going to spend much more time and money finding and maintain a solution that works with your registrar’s limitations.

@vincent thats true, but switching the provider is not really a option, because my client will stay with 1and1.

The page now works with two little problems:

Did you ever figure this out? If so, what did you do?

Hey @Syndicate15,

yes I solved the problem. I added one (the first one) of the two ipv4 addresses to my root domain, in this case Then I created a subdomain with “www” gave them the “” DNS entry.

After this it took´s about 24 hours, maybe 48 hours to get the website online. In the webflow backend is still displayed that the root domain without “www” is unconnected. I wrote for this with the webflow support and they said me the reason for this is that I can´t connect the second ipv4, but not a big problem. The site runs smoothly.


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