Hosting Problem

Hi, is currently published on web; however, when I check the status Webflow it tells me that the domain is unlinked and not correctly pointing to Webflow.

Here is the sharelink

I have taken a screenshot of Fasthost control panel, I just need to work out how to share it with you all!

This is the screenshot of the Fasthost Control Panel.

The problem is the very bottom record, where you are setting as a CNAME record on the root domain (

Now, your domain provider should not have let you set this record because it is not actually valid and in a number of subtle ways will break your site. Unfortunately, not all companies properly validate the records you provide. Only subdomains (ie: www) are allowed to have CNAME records.

If you remove that record, should then be setup correctly.

Thank you @nathan, I have removed the CNAME without the www and kept one with the host name www. I know it can take a couple of hours for the change to be recognised - so fingers crossed!

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